Wednesday, August 29, 2012


No one can attain God by self-exertion. But if self-exertion is persisted vehemently then an advance may be made. It is through sheer grace of God that one can attain God. This grace of God is but spontaneous emanation."

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"It do not see any Path,Principle or Way of Worship moving in the Opposite direction from God."

"The Whole Word is a Child of GOD."
"To find the SUPREME FATHER an individual,aspirant can take any Path."

"All have the same ardent desire.HE alone is everybody's GOAL."

"The Emotion,Faith & Belief of each individual,aspirant can be different."

"Diversity is this World.The day all Ideologies become UNIQUE & ONE there will be no WORLD."

"In this {GURU TATTWA,Prarbdha} the Country,Path Sect or Principles do not matter at all."

"In The Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality are much higher than Caste & sect & so forth.,all Caste,Sects Cease to Exist."

"World is filled with Sinful,Hideous and Thoughts ,but the EGO of a living being n of accepting ONE'S Chitta ."

"Then where does the question of accepting One's own Faults or Courageously admitting them before Society Arise?."

"If someone displays such Courage ,Society Measures that also on the Scale of EGO."

"But Once the attention is Turned Inward {Within},One become Indifferent to the World."

"The Whole World is filled with Sinful,Hideous and Thoughts ,
"The EGO of a living being does not let him See the Question of accepting ONE'S Chitta {mind stuff,psyche}."

"If sentiments of services and Unconditioned Love prevails then the Ashram becomes an Entrance of GOAL of Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality."

"Be established within the self and burn down our defects.of "Selfishness,Ego,Hate,Hatred,Enmity,Lust,Propensity ,& Vices."

"Self- Introspection " must also be embraced as indispensable part of SOCIAL CONDUCTIVITY, RELIGIOSITY,SPIRITUALITY."

"Elimination of ILLUSION & Misconception is the GOAL of Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality i.e. Guru Tattwa,Prarabdha."


Saturday, June 23, 2012